Anti-Trump News Digest, December 12, 2016

fuzzy minded donald trump

Mayors of American cities vow to maintain their status as sanctuary cities in defiance of Donald Trump.

Russian government spies attacked the Hillary Clinton campaign shortly before Election Day – not just earlier in 2016 with the attacks on Podesta and the DNC.

Donald Trump tells more lies about climate change. Will he get away with it?

A dark cloud of illegitimacy hangs over Donald Trump’s upcoming presidency, and it speaks with a Russian accent.

Mitch McConnell accused of covering up Russian cyberattacks against America, blocking a bipartisan congressional statement acknowledging the espionage against the 2016 election.

Donald Trump continues to skip daily security briefings, making it to briefings just once a week, even as it his chief strategist Steve Bannon spread FALSE stories that Barack Obama didn’t attend enough security briefings – once every other day, according to Bannon, when in fact Obama was briefed every single day.

Rex Tillerson would be yet another Cold Earther – a denier of the scientifically-established facts of anthropogenic climate change.

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