Anti-Trump News Digest, December 13, 2016

the orange president

Donald Trump has gone 139 days without a press conference, but 0 days without a Twitter rant. Earlier Trump had promised that he would finally hold a press conference this Thursday, but now, he has delayed the press conference. Maybe he’ll get around to it in January, he says. Maybe he’ll finally be ready to answer questions then. Maybe.

U.S. federal scientists work to save climate data from destruction by Trump appointees. In a trend that’s growing, the climate data is fleeing to Canada.

Congressional Republicans finally admit their Benghazi investigation had no more legs. After months of delaying for political effect, the House GOP shuts down its kangaroo court.

In a sane world, climate denial would disqualify Rex Tillerson and Rick Perry from joining the President’s Cabinet. It’s up to those of us who remain sane to take action to counter their anti-environmental extremism.

Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Homeland Security vows to undo political correctness – which is a political code for “General John Kelly intends to wage massive discrimination against entire classes of people”.

Government scientists refuse to begin witch hunt against climatologists before Inauguration Day. If Donald Trump wants to force government employees to start an enemies list in the Department of Energy, he’s going to have to wait until he actually has the authority of Commander-In-Chief.

Donald Trump announces a plan to allow more billionaires to get away without paying any taxes.

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