Anti-Trump News Digest, December 21, 2016

Trump Swamp Green

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is helping Americans to protect themselves from unconstitutional political espionage by Donald Trump, and calling upon tech companies to refuse to collaborate with Trump’s spies.

Trump Transition considering special ethics waivers and pardons to allow corruption to flow freely through the White House with no consequences.

Progressives call for Rebel Journalism to rise from the grassroots to challenge Trump.

The incoming Trump Administration is in touch with a right wing political party founded by Nazis, but they say it’s nothing unusual.

Trump Administration looks like a disaster for drug policy reform.

Americans fear end of democracy as Donald Trump fills his Swamp Cabinet with plutocrats and generals.

Donald Trump’s sons selling access to the President Elect for one million dollar bribes.

Corrupt former Congressman Tom Delay claims Republicans have a clean slate to do whatever they want.

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