Anti-Trump News Digest, January 3, 2016

grey grid Donald Trump

Following Donald Trump’s lead, House Republicans are voting today to smash the congressional anti-corruption watchdog.

Less than half of Americans believe Donald Trump can handle the job of President of the United States

Trump supporters put out new fake news, claiming that progressives are plotting to install Muslim rule over America – just like they claimed for the last eight years Barack Obama was going to do.

The Arctic just spent 75 days straight with record low sea ice, but Donald Trump still doesn’t believe climate change is real.

Donald Trump falsely claims that GM imports Chevy Cruze vehicles made in Mexico into the USA – when in fact all Cruzes sold in the USA are made in the USA.

Donald Trump has only 1 day and 12 hours to make good on his promise to produce concrete evidence that the Russians were not behind the attacks against the USA that threw the election to Trump.

It’s been 159 days since Donald Trump held a press conference.

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