Anti-Trump News Digest, January 9, 2017

American dictator Trump

Republicans are trying to rush Trump nominees through the U.S. Senate – before they can be reviewed for ethics violations.

Sean Hannity applauded the idea that Donald Trump is trying to Make Russia Great Again.

Are you ready for President Me?

MSNBC is swerving to the right to kowtow to Donald Trump.

Instead of preparing for his upcoming responsibilities as President, Donald Trump spent the weekend attacking actor Meryl Streep.

Donald Trump’s pick for Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats is in favor of unleashing the NSA to spy on Americans without restraint.

Donald Trump has been accused of having ties to organized crime.

Michigan Republicans in the U.S. Congress voted to obstruct efforts to prevent lead contamination of drinking water – in spite of the crisis of lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan.

Stop the raging Republican elephant from causing more havoc across America.

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