Bloom’s Law Explains Why Hitler Trump Comparisons Outrage Republicans

Blooms law about Trump and Hitler

Riddle me this:

Donald Trump brags in public about groping women against their will. Trump calls public officials names like “idiot”, “loser”, “liar”, and “failure” Trump screams at people in person, and types screeds in all caps on Twitter. Trump mocks the disabled, and insults the parents of soldiers who died in combat. He leads chants of “Lock Her Up!” and encourages his followers to physically attack political protesters.

Trump supporters don’t mind this kind of behavior. In fact, they celebrate it.

When, however, critics of Donald Trump point out that his policies and behavior are beginning to look similar to the policies and behavior of Adolf Hitler, then Trump supporters are outraged. They say that it ought to be considered unacceptable for anyone to compare Trump to Hitler because such comparisons are rude.

In other words, they’re furious when liberal protesters defy the Trumpist codes of political correctness.

Those Americans who try to think logically note the obvious inconsistency. Being a Trump supporter, however, isn’t about consistency. It’s about raw emotion.

The particular emotional motivation that drives Trump supporters to howl in outrage in response to comparisons of Hitler and Trump has been explained by Horace Bloom, the author of the book Trump and Hitler: A Responsible Consideration.

He calls it The Law of Inverse Outrage and Coherence in Comparing Trump and Hitler. That’s a mouthful. For the sake of brevity, let’s call it Bloom’s Law.

Here’s how Bloom describes the concept: There is an “inverse relationship between A) The ability to coherently respond to comparisons of Trump and Hitler, and B) the vigor of objections asserting that Trump and Hitler is rude.”

In other words, as people become less able to to reasonably refute a comparison between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, they become more vociferous in their assertion that it is unacceptable to compare Trump and Hitler.

If this model is correct, Trump supporters object to the comparison of Hitler and Trump not because they have reason to believe that Trump is not like Hitler. To the contrary, they object to the comparison of Hitler and Trump because they lack a reasonable response to the comparisons.

They don’t know what to say, so they seek to shut down the discussion altogether.

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