Anti-Trump News Digest, January 24, 2017

Donald Trump bizarre

“Rogue Oil Mogul” gains control of US State Department – Rex Tillerson confirmed by the US Senate

Sean Spicer lies to America again – this time about the size of the federal workforce, and Donald Trump’s reason for obstructing federal protections for American communities.

Donald Trump faces lawsuits in response to the corrupt mixture of White House plans and the business deals made by the Trump corporate empire.

Donald Trump lost control when he saw the size of the protests against him.

The USDA has been banned from releasing the results of scientific studies because Donald Trump is concerned that scientists will mock him for having a small inauguration.

Sonny Perdue has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the agriculture industry Trump has nominated him to oversee as head of the USDA.

People who were on the ground in DC confirm: Trump’s inauguration crowd was tiny. Anti-Trump protesters were legion.

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