Anti-Trump News Digest, January 26, 2017

Emotionally unbalanced Donald Trump

Donald Trump plans a network of secret torture prisons – in direct contradiction to promises made by incoming CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Donald Trump’s erratic behavior has caused the Doomsday Clock to advance to just 2.5 minutes before midnight.

Trump’s torture plans are a criminal conspiracy, in violation of both the Constitution and federal law. What will it take for Congress to impeach this President?

Donald Trump is planning to wage war against Islam as a religion, triggering a modern-day Crusade, with all the carnage that comes along with that.

The entire senior leadership of the U.S. State Department has resigned in protest of Donald Trump.

A national march of LGBT pride, in protest of Donald Trump is scheduled for June 11 this year.

Thousands of protesters flood the streets around Trump Tower in New York City.

Voter fraud? Tiffany Trump is registered to vote in two states.

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