Anti-Trump News Digest, January 31, 2017

Donald Trump Snowflakes

Donald Trump fires acting U.S. Attorney General as punishment for saying that his religious discrimination is against the law.

White nationalists celebrate Trump’s Muslim ban, depicting stranded families as “sneaky sand-people”.

Ben Carson tells Jewish group to stop being so uptight about Holocaust jokes on a stage right after a Holocaust survivor received an honorary degree.

Watergate experts warn that Donald Trump appears to believe he is above the law.

Trump executive order aims to destroy federal protections for American workers, families, and communities.

Trump advisor calls environmentalism the “greatest threat to freedom” – because if you don’t have the freedom to spew toxic substances onto the earth and into the air and water, what freedom can you have?

Donald Trump refuses to confront Vladimir Putin about Russian attack against the USA during a phone call Trump characterized as “positive”.

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