Congress Speaks Out Against Trump Authoritarianism

Congress Under Trump

Steny Hoyer “The President of the United States has a responsibility – a sacred and public trust – to do everything in his power to protect our Nation. We have that same responsibility. This Congress has a sacred duty to hold the President accountable and ourselves for doing so in a way that respects our Constitution and our values. That, Mr. Speaker, is patriotism.”

Luis Gutierrez:
“By now, the entire world knows that the President of the United States screwed up bigly last week and caused an international and domestic crisis and that his staff is lying when they say it was a ‘huge success.’ When the German Chancellor has to lecture your President about the Geneva Convention, you have made one hell of a bad decision.”

Brendan Boyle:
“I, like millions of Americans, have been watching over the last 10 or 11 days, and especially this past weekend, shaking my head and wondering just what is happening in our country? This is not who we are.”

Joseph Kennedy of Massachusetts:
“To the Iraqi general who commands an American-trained counterterrorist force traveling here to visit his relocated family, our President closed our doors. To all of the 21.3 million refugees worldwide, the leader of our free world told them that their pain and their suffering was not his problem, and he closed our doors. And to the global community, he made clear that his government will give in to terror and will make decisions based on fear rather than strength. Mr. President, I hope you hear us loud and clear when we say that these actions are an insult to the country we all love. They are an insult to our Constitution and an embarrassment to the blood, the sweat, and the tears that generations of Americans have shed in defense of Lady Liberty. So, Mr. President, we will fight, we will march, we will protest, we will raise our voices, and one day we will win.”

Adriano Espaillat:
“I love my country, and I am saddened by these divisive and hateful actions being wrongfully taken in the so-called name of national security. Mr. Trump’s actions make us less secure as a nation. They take a sledgehammer right through the founding principles of our Nation. America is not this nonsensical, antirefugee Nation. Quite frankly, Mr. Trump’s actions are un-American, beneath us, and downright dangerous. Let me remind my colleagues, there has been a protest every day since Mr. Trump took office. The people have hit the streets. We will continue to march, and we will keep demanding what is right. We will keep fighting to ensure American values are upheld and that our civil rights are not trashed like yesterday’s news. To our Muslims, LGBT, immigrants, women, and all our brothers and sisters hurt by Mr. Trump’s garbage, I mean executive orders, I am with you.”

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