Ask Donald Trump: How Do I Dress Like A Woman?

trump dress like women valkyrie

This week, the world found out that Donald Trump has ordered his female staff members to “dress like women”.

Donald Trump thinks that women have to wear dresses. However, others have pointed out that women can dress in many different ways.

To help the few women who have been allowed to work as Trump White House staff, Here are a few of the options chosen online:

You can wear the pants, like Katherine Hepburn.

Katherine Hepburn pants

There’s big waterproof suspenders for those women working in the Army Corps of Engineers.

hip waders dress like women trump

You better wear a lab coat if you are a woman conducting scientific experiments with dangerous substances.

trump dress like women

If you’re welding, you ought to wear a protective visor like this woman.

donald trump dress like women

Wear your badge with your uniform if you’re a woman police officer.

woman police officer donald trump uniform

Finally, there’s our own choice – the spear and magic helmet of the valkyrie. Will that do, Mr. Trump?

trump dress like women valkyrie

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