DeTrump The Web

Donald Trump My Little Pony

It’s not a hard hitting protest, but these days, every bit counts.

In these days of freedom-smashing executive orders from Donald Trump, we all could use a little breathing room. DeTrump the Web lends a hand in that regard.

DeTrump the Web does what it says it does – mostly. It takes any web site, and strips the name “Trump” out of it, replacing it with the name of a character from My Little Pony.

Imagine, just for a second, what the news would look like if Trump’s name wasn’t in it.

Of course we need to go farther than that. It isn’t Donald Trump’s name that’s the problem, after all. It’s his policies that are destroying America. Editing out the name Trump won’t fix that.

Still, the people who made DeTrump the Web deserve a little nod for their small gesture of resistance.

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