America Waits For The Other Shoe To Drop

dirty mike flynn

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn just got forced out of the White House after the public discovered that he met with a representative of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, and discussed lowering sanctions, and then lied about it, immediately after President Obama imposed sanctions as punishment for Russia’s attacks against the American presidential election in 2016. This happened well before Trump was inaugurated.

Donald Trump had asked Russia to engage in those attacks.

It is against the law for private citizens to make negotiations with foreign governments in order to undermine the U.S government.

The Trump White House did nothing to punish Flynn until the facts about his illegal contact with the Russian government was leaked to the public last Friday. For almost an entire month, Trump merely tried to keep the problems secret.

What’s particularly alarming is that Donald Trump is refusing to discuss what his role in this illegal activity was. Did Trump direct Flynn to go to Russia? Was Trump’s strategy to undermine the U.S. government in order to help Vladimir Putin?

Is it a coincidence that both Mike Flynn and Donald Trump made themselves vulnerable to Russian blackmailing schemes?

What else does Trump know?

As the White House careens from crisis to crisis, one thing is clear: Donald Trump hasn’t done what’s necessary to earn the trust of the American people. Our nation is in no position to simply hope for the best.

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