Democrats In Congress Condemn Trump Corruption and Treason

Congress Under Trump

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are stepping up to confront the refusal of congressional Republicans to hold Donald Trump accountable to the law. The following are a few of the comments made yesterday by congressional Democrats.

U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur: “the resignation of President Trump’s national security adviser, Michael Flynn, is the third Trump senior adviser to resign amid allegation of ties to Russia and the Kremlin. Two others were attached to the Trump campaign: his manager, Paul Manafort, and Russian energy adviser, Carter Page. Meanwhile, Russia’s Putin is the same KGB thug he always has been, continuing to invade countries in eastern and central Europe and propagating a war in Syria as well as a bloody war against Ukraine. The American people deserve to know the full extent of Russia’s financial, personal, and political grip on the Trump administration, and Congress should meet its constitutional responsibilities to protect our national security and to protect our Nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The American people need to know whether Russian creditors or their intermediaries are helping prop up the Trump commercial empire. This Congress needs to do its job, conduct hearings, subpoena witnesses, and
bring truth to the American people about the Trump administration’s ties to Russia.”

U.S. Representative Hakeem Jeffries: “The House of Representatives is a separate and coequal branch of government, and yet, House Republicans refuse to investigate the swamp of corruption that is percolating at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Michael Flynn has resigned in disgrace. And yet, the Trump Administration has jeopardized our national security by continuing to play footsie with Vladimir Putin and the Russians. House Republicans have done nothing. It is impossible to figure out where the Trump family business ends and the White House begins, yet House Republicans have done nothing. Seventeen different intelligence agencies have concluded that the Russians interfered in the election to help Donald Trump, yet House Republicans have done nothing. It is time for House Republicans to investigate this White House and stop acting like puppets of the Trump administration. The American people deserve answers. What exactly did Donald Trump know, and when
did he know it?”

U.S. Representative Steve Cohen: “This President’s love affair with Russia, his constant support for
Russia and Putin – one of the most villainous leaders on the face of this Earth – spells a problem. We need to get to the bottom of it, and one way we will find out is through his taxes.”

U.S. Representative Jim Clyburn: “The policies of the Trump administration are an extension of the policies that Republics in the House have pushed for years. To candidate Trump’s question what do you have to lose, for starters, your voice at the ballot box. A free and fair election is the hallmark of democratic governance, yet the Trump administration and Republics in Congress continue to threaten this basic pillar of democracy. They have promulgated blatant falsehoods about voter fraud, sowing fear and distrust. They have worked and are working across the country to prevent people of color from voting. They are refusing to investigate Russian interference in our elections and are currently moving legislation through the House of Representatives to eliminate the only Federal agency tasked with helping Americans vote and protecting our
voting machines from hacking. As President Trump and his spokespeople continue to make demonstrably false claims about widespread voter fraud and cozying up to the country that attacked our democracy, House Republics just passed out of committee H.R. 634, legislation to eliminate the only Federal agency tasked with certifying the security of our voting machines, the Election Assistance Commission.”

U.S. Representative Ted Deutch: “We need a full, independent inquiry into not just the actions of Michael Flynn in one conversation with the Vice President, but the ongoing connections between the administration and Russia, because the one thing we know for sure is it doesn’t stop there. President Trump’s fawning praise of Putin and the previous resignation of other aides over their Russian ties made it clear that this is a problem that goes beyond General Flynn. What we have learned over the past 24 hours is that colluding with a foreign government or lying to the Vice President and others is not what brought Flynn down. It seems that it was only the disclosure of those lies that made it untenable for Flynn to remain. The White House
was apparently okay with everything until the American people found out. We need to find out what else the White House and President Trump doesn’t want us to know about their connection to the foreign power that interfered with our election, and we need to start today.”

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