Trump Aides Talked With Russian Spies Throughout 2016 Election


The other shoe has dropped.

Tonight, the New York Times and CNN are independently reporting that multiple sources within American intelligence agencies confirm that they have solid evidence that multiple aides were in communication with spies working for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin throughout the 2016 campaign season. Each one of the Trump aides involved had multiple contacts with Russian spies. Trump’s closest associates both inside and outside his campaign organization were involved.

In addition to communicating regularly with Russian spies, the Trump for President campaign was also talking with other representatives of the Russian government. Donald Trump has insisted that his campaign had absolutely no contact with the Russian government.

U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Vladimir Putin directly ordered an attack against the United States by throwing the presidential election to Donald Trump using a combination criminal espionage and propaganda. In July 2016, Donald Trump publicly asked Russia to engage in such attacks.

We now know that direct contacts between the Trump for President campaign and Russian spies were taking place during this time.

This news comes right after Republicans in the House Ways and Means Committee obstructed Democrats’ attempts to subpoena Trump’s tax returns as part of the investigation into Trump’s collaboration with Russian spy agencies during the 2016 presidential campaign.

What are the Republicans in Congress trying to hide? At this point, it’s as if they’re trying to conceal a great big Russian bear behind a very small bush with all its leaves fallen off for the winter.

It’s only a matter of time now before we have that bear in custody, or we find the United States of America under its crushing weight.

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  1. Why have we Not seen headline comments from Hillary Clinton and her Presidential Campaign Committee? If all this info is True— then she in fact WAS THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WHO WON!!!!! Please Speak Up Hillary! We need you Now! JudyDemocrat


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