Is Russian Spy Boat Off America’s Coast Related To Trump Kompromat?

Vladimir Putin Donald Trump cartoon

It looks an awful lot like a dominance display. A large Russian military boat equipped with technology that siphons electronic communications is cruising waters not far off the Atlantic coastline just a hop and a skip from Washington DC.

U.S. Representative Joe Courtney sounded the alarm to his colleagues in Congress yesterday, connecting the appearance of the Russian spy vessel to Donald Trump’s association with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. “I think it is time now for all of us in Washington, D.C., to understand that Vladimir Putin, during the 5 years that he has been in power, again, has taken a posture that is completely destabilizing any sort of global system of peace and security. This new administration, which clearly has an infatuation with Putin – and this goes back during the campaign with President Trump talking on the campaign trail about his high regard for Putin’s leadership – needs to basically move on and recognize that this is an emerging threat and that we have to take all necessary steps to respond to it,” Courtney said.

Anyone who wants to go back to the Cold War doesn’t understand the danger of an antagonistic relationship between nations with nuclear weapons. However, it is also impossible to ignore the hostile intent of the current Russian government, which has been interfering in American democracy while coordinating through intense and prolonged communication between Donald Trump and Russian spies.

Is the Russian spy boat another arm of a Russian kompromat campaign to intimidate the President of the United States with blackmail?

Things are too serious to play political games with the Russian spying scandal any longer. America needs a nonpartisan, independent commission with full investigative powers to look into the latter.

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