Congress Challenges Donald Trump To Come Clean On Ties To Russia

Putin and Trump

Members of Congress continue to speak out against Donald Trump’s connections with Russian spies attacking the United States on direct orders from dictator Vladimir Putin.

This week, U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee noted that, “The United States intelligence community is united in its assessment that Russia attacked our Nation in 2016, and interfered in our elections. In response, President Obama imposed sanctions on the Russian Government and personnel entities, including intelligence services. He also expelled dozens of Russian officials from the United States. Now, we know that General Flynn, in violation of many laws, intruded and discussed these issues with the Russian Ambassador. His departure does not end this investigation. Who knew what, when? When did the President know it? The integ- rity of this country is higher and more superior than one individual.”

Representative Dutch Ruppersberger told his colleagues, “We live in a dangerous world, and the President needs a National Security Adviser who isn’t under a cloud of suspicion. But this resignation isn’t the end. Americans now deserve to know if General Flynn was operating under anyone else’s authority. The American people deserve to know if Russia has financial, personal, or political grip on President Trump or his campaign. I am urging the agencies involved in the investigation to continue their important work vigorously. I also ask my colleagues in House leadership to launch a bipartisan, independent congressional investigation into Russia’s influence on the election and the new administration.”

Though he’s not speaking out loudly on the subject, U.S Representative Walter Jones has become the first Republican in the U.S. House to support legislation establishing an independent commission to investigate Donald Trump’s collaboration with Vladimir Putin.

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  1. Marcia K Jones June 10, 2017 @ 3:56 pm

    I believe it is time for the republicans in office to realize that they are elected by the very people that are extremely dissatisfied with Mr. Trump. I emphasize the Mr. because I will never accept him as my president. You, in office, with the power to do something right for the American People and the United States of America, need to be mindful that if you don’t you may not get another chance at so much power. If you can be voted in you can voted out.


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