Anti-Trump News Digest, February 28, 2017

Blurry mind Donald Trump

People warned that if Jeff Sessions became Donald Trump’s Attorney General, he would use the power of the Department of Justice to roll back civil rights for African-Americans. Now it’s happened. Jeff Sessions has ended the federal government’s legal challenge to racist laws restricting voting in Texas.

Republicans in the U.S. House vote to prevent evidence of Trump’s corruption and ties to Russia from being examined. How much do congressional Republicans know about what they’re helping to cover up?

15 Senate Democrats help Donald Trump move anti-science Ryan Zinke forward toward confirmation as Secretary of the Interior.

Journalists express concern that Donald Trump’s fact-free dismissal of journalism is a precursor to fascist propaganda in a time of crisis. “What we’re seeing is a deliberate attempt to undermine the press so that in the future, when the press does its job and uncovers something that the administration would like to keep quiet, it will be dismissed as ‘Ah, it’s false news. It’s fake.’ It’s very—it’s very troubling that this should be happening so soon into the presidency,” says Robert Mahoney.

Trump is accused of sacrificing working Americans to the military’s “war machine” with radical shifts toward the Pentagon in the federal budget.

Activists in Toledo, Ohio are holding a Mardi Gras event of resistance to Trump at noon today at the Government Center downtown, 640 Jackson Street.

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