Trump Promised F-35 Savings, Doubles Spending Instead

Donald Trump failed negotiator

It was just one month ago when Donald Trump bragged that his excellent negotiating skills had saved the American people $600 million on the F-35 jet fighter.

What Trump didn’t mention is that all the negotiating for that $600 million savings was actually done under Barack Obama – by Democrats.

Whatever you think about that little fib, yesterday’s move by Trump completely unravels his original boast. Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that increases spending on the F-35 by $1.2 billion – yes, that’s twice as much spending increase as Trump claimed that he was saving.

That makes Trump double the liar that he at first appeared to be.

Making matters worse, the F-35 turns out to be a horrible boondoggle. Its design is so thoroughly flawed that it routinely fails tests due to malfunctions. Lockheed Martin has repeatedly increased the price of the F-35, and now Donald Trump appears to be rewarding this incompetence, rather than using it as a negotiating chip.

So much for the supposed Negotiator In Chief.

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