Trump Transition Knew Michael Flynn Was An Agent Of A Foreign Power

michael flynn turkish secret agent

It wasn’t just Russia that infiltrated the Trump for President campaign in 2016.

Throughout the time that he was a national security aide to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and possibly during his time as chair of the National Security Council, retired general Michael Flynn was working as a lobbyist for a Turkish company on business that led him to serve as a hired advocate for the national government of Turkey.

Michael Flynn was paid $530,000 for his work on behalf of the Turkish government.

What’s more, members of the Trump transition team knew that Flynn was about to officially register, retroactively, as an agent of a foreign power. Nonetheless, they allowed Flynn access to classified information within the American government.

The Trump Administration did not reveal any of this information to Congress or to the American people.

How many other agents of foreign governments are lurking within the Trump Administration?

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