Donald Trump Claims Magical Power To Stop Airplanes From Falling From The Sky

2018 January Trump Twitter

Today, Donald Trump claimed that as President of the United States, he has the magical power to make airplanes around the world stay in the air. This morning, he tweeted: ”Since taking office I have been very strict on Commercial Aviation. Good news – it was just reported that there were Zero deaths in 2017, the best and safest year on record!”

Actually, there have been zero deaths in the United States on commercial airlines every year since 2009. What Donald Trump is referring to is a statistic that, in 2017, there were no fatal commercial airline crashes anywhere in the world.

The strange thing is that Trump would take credit for this positive news. He’s President of the United States of America, not President of the world.

The lack of airplane crashes in Argentina, in Australia, in Russia, in China, has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything that Donald Trump did.

The truth is that Donald Trump hasn’t been very strict on commercial aviation. He has signed no legislation increasing airplane safety, and signed no executive orders requiring commercial airlines to do more to ensure that their airplanes stay flying.

In fact, what Donald Trump has done is to help the Republicans in the U.S. Congress to make it more difficult for the U.S. federal government to take action to keep airlines safe. What Trump has done is to be less strict on commercial aviation, not more strict.

So, what does Donald Trump expect us to think that he has done to keep all those airplanes up in the air around the world? Does he expect us to believe that he has a magic wand that can cause heavy objects to levitate?

A serious President, a professional President, a sane President would never release a ridiculous message like the one that Donald Trump issued today.

America needs a mentally competent executive leader. Donald Trump has got to go!

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