God is Calling Michele Bachmann. She May Not Like The Message.

Michele Bachmann Senate 2018 god

Michele Bachmann says that she is listening to hear the call of a god. She believes that her religion’s god is the creator of the universe, and also personally interested in her political career.

So, she says, she’s not going to decide whether to run for the United States Senate. She says that she’s just going to wait for her god to call her.

Well, now Michele Bachmann doesn’t need to wait for that call any longer.

Bachmann’s god has taken the time to make a telephone call, and has left a message for Michele Bachmann, begging her please not to launch a campaign for one of Minnesota’s two seats in the US Senate.

When Michele Bachmann was in the U.S. House of Representatives, she quickly became known as one of the most corrupt, incompetent, intolerant members of Congress.

Does that remind you of Donald Trump? It shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone that Michele Bachmann is a big fan of Trump’s toxic presidency.

A video recording of the call can be seen below…

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