Trump and His Republicans Crack Open a Keg of Fraud with Devin Nunes Memo Fracas

Tripp’s Donald Trump

Just weeks after it was revealed that Donald Trump tried to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last year, Donald Trump is now targeting Rod Rosenstein, the man who oversees Mueller’s investigation, for elimination. It’s an obvious, illegal obstruction of justice, and the tool Trump is using to move it forward is a trumped up memo written by Republican Congressman Devin Nunes.

The Nunes memo alleges that the FBI used FISA Amendments Act powers to conduct surveillance against Carter Page. The surveillance was court-approved, however, after the FBI provided multiple lines of evidence establishing probable cause to believe that Carter Page has been working as a spy for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Included in the evidence against Page are documents from a Russian spy agency identifying Page as a spy under the code name “Male 1”, and proof that, with the knowledge of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions, Page traveled to Moscow to meet with Russian government agents as a representative of the Trump for President campaign in July 2016, as a Russian spy recruit, while Donald Trump Jr, Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner were secretly meeting with Russian government officials to make a deal exchanging illegally stolen material about Hillary Clinton with a promise by Trump to lower sanctions against Russia.

Trump lowered sanctions against Russia just this week – a promise kept to Putin. We know that the Trump campaign requested and received illegally obtained material about Hillary Clinton from Russian government sources. That’s a quid pro quo.

Hypocritically, the same congressional Republicans who are now screaming that Carter Page’s work with Russian spies should not have been watched by government agents voted, just a half a month ago, to approve FISA spying against Americans who aren’t suspected of any crime, without any search warrant or proof of probable cause!

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that after a partisan vote in the House Intelligence Committee to release the Devin Nunes memo to the American public, Devin Nunes rewrote the memo, trying to release a new document that had not been reviewed by the committee that supposedly approved it.

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