Anti-Trump News Digest, Monday February 12

Psycho Trump

On this Monday morning, we face the following news about the abuses of Donald Trump.

Trump promised that he would only focus on deporting “bad hombres” – members of criminal gangs – but the majority of of people being picked up by Trump’s ICE squads aren’t suspected of any crime.

Trump is refusing to allow the American people to see the incriminating evidence against him in a memo from the House Intelligence Committee.

John Kelly covered up the lack of security clearance and suspected criminal activity of White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter, but Donald Trump is refusing to fire Kelly from his position as White House Chief of Staff.

Trump is abandoning all pretense of attempting to shrink the federal budget deficit, as he announces $1.5 trillion in new spending just after he gave $1.5 trillion away to the wealthy and powerful corporations in special tax loopholes.

Donald Trump refuses to read his daily intelligence briefing, instead relying on Fox News to tell him what’s going on in the world. Trump gives the security briefings to Jared Kushner, who has no security clearance.

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