Donald Trump Betrays Rural Voters, Cutting Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program

donald trump rural communities

The Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant Program, coordinated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, provides grants and zero-interest loans for projects that create and preserve employment opportunities in rural areas of the United States.

It’s a jobs program.

When Donald Trump was running for President, he promised to create jobs in rural America.

Yesterday, Donald Trump declared that he is proposing the complete elimination of the Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program.

This was never a budget-busting program. Its annual budget is less than 0.003% that of Trump’s proposed annual budget for the U.S. military.

The cost of just one F-35 jet fighter could pay for the Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program for an entire decade – and after 3 decades of development with $1.5 trillion of spending so far, the F-35 still doesn’t work. It’s a boondoggle, a plane so saturated with malfunctions that it endangers its own pilots.

Why is it that Trump continues to support the disastrous F-35 fighter program, but is abandoning rural communities?

Donald Trump has broken his promise to rural voters. He is ending jobs programs for rural areas, taking that money and giving it in special tax breaks to his wealthy friends.

How can rural voters ever trust Donald Trump again?

donald trump rural communities

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