Donald Trump Proposes Taking Heat Away From Americans’ Homes In Wintertime

donald Trump winter freeze

This week, Americans learned just how cold Donald Trump’s heart really is.

In his federal budget, Donald Trump proposes eliminating the LIHEAP program. The program, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, makes sure that working poor families in America do not freeze to death in their own homes.

Donald Trump is proposing to end this program, so that families working in minimum wage jobs will go cold if they aren’t able to pay for home heating in the winter.

At the same time that Trump wants to let working families freeze to death in order to save money, he’s giving $750,000 annually in tax loopholes to America’s wealthiest families.

The problem isn’t just about families trying to survive harsh winters without any heat. The problem is a billionaire President of the United States who is willing to allow Americans to die in the cold so that his billionaire friends can stash even more money away in their offshore bank accounts.

donald Trump winter freeze

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