Learn About Trump

We’re putting together a list of resources that can help Americans learn about what Donald Trump and his allies are up to. If you know of a resource that we haven’t listed here, please share it with us here.

Irregular News

Orange You Sorry You Voted For Trump?

Corporate Cabinet

Corporate Research on Trump Businesses

Hitler and Trump

Stick Trump

Trump Corruption

You’ve Been Trumped Too


Trump TV Satire

Right Wing Watch

What Can I Do About Trump?

Operation Veracity

Popular Resistance

Corrupt AF

Citizen Vox

Occupy Corporatism

Democracy Now

Think Progress

Common Dreams

A growing list of abuse and violence from Trump supporters, compiled by Shaun King

Trump Regrets on Tumblr

Secular News Network

Joe My God

The UnTrumped

United Resistance

UnTrump America

Trump and Hitler

Media Matters

Letter from 169 members of Congress condemning the white supremacists working within the Trump White House.

We Resist