Online Anti-Trump Resources

More and more Americans are taking steps to get organized to build an effective resistance, standing against Donald Trump. If you know of any more anti-Trump organizations online that should be included in this list, please scroll to the bottom of this page and offer your suggestion!

The Indivisible Guide To Fighting Trump

Resistance Calendar

Trump Taxes March

Grab Your Wallet

Refuse Fascism

The UnTrumped

Impeach Donald Trump Now

Town Hall Project

Recess Resistance

Trump Defined

Daily Action

Project 1461

Memes Against Trump

Citizen Therapists for Democracy

Save Democracy

Spartacus Mosque

Resist Here

The Resistance Group

Tell All Your Friends

The Land of Trump

No Ads for Hate

Our Revolution

Democratic Coalition Against Trump

Crumple Trump

the Sixty Five

Scholars and Writers Against Trump

Historians Against Trump

Stop Hate Dump Trump

United Against Hate

The Resistance Party

The DJT Resistance

Ithaca Against Trump

Trump and Hitler

Campaign Materials against Trump

Not Up for Grabs

React Letter

Anti-Trump Instagram

Resistance Manual

Weekly Action to Resist Trump

Unite for America


Pre-existing Nonprofits Taking A Stand Against Trump


Southern Poverty Law Center

People for the American Way

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Anti-Defamation League



League of Conservation Voters

People’s Action

All of Us

Anti-Trump activist directory – to be published soon!


Please, if you know of an anti-Trump resource that isn’t here, let us know by sending it to us with the comment form below. We’re building up this list as fast as we can to be of service to anti-Trump activists.

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In the wake of the terrible shock of Election Day 2016, it’s not enough to be outraged. Now is the time for action. Americans from across the country are coming together to oppose Donald Trump.

As Trump builds his White House, we are building our resistance. We’re joining a rapidly expanding coalition of organizations and individuals committed to standing against the dangerous agenda of Donald Trump.

Step One: Learn about the Trumpist agenda being implemented by the incoming Trump Administration, the GOP Congress, and the right wing Supreme Court.

Step Two: Form connections with online anti-Trump resources.

Step Three: Participate in anti-Trump activism in your area.

Step Four: Make a personal display of your opposition to Donald Trump.

Step Five: Boycott businesses that have supported Trump.

Step Six: Tell us about anti-Trump resources we should link to in our directory.

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